19-W01-03103 Flap 1 Outer Element Endcap

The Client

Southampton University Formula Student Team (SUFST) is comprised of a group of students from various subject fields who have a passion for motorsport. Between them, they design and build a single-seater race car to compete in the Formula Student Competition each year. The team has a very small budget to build the car and therefore relies heavily on sponsorship deals for parts and services.

The Challenge

SUFST manufacture and assemble all their carbon fibre front and rear wings at the University based on the designs of the team members. To securely mount all of the front wing aerofoil elements to the end plates, SUFST turned to 3Defined for the 3D printing of all the end caps that fit on the tips of the elements allowing them to be fixed to the end plates.

These end caps have to be very accurate to fit into the carbon aerofoil elements and strong enough to handle the stresses transferred through them during racing. As with all things Motorsport, the deadline was tight as SUFST are under the gun to get their 2019 car built ready for racing!

The result

3Defined printed over 30 individual end caps for SUFST in high quality PLA. A fine layer resolution and precision nozzle was used for all these parts to maintain accuracy and strength. SUFST have successfully manufactured and assembled the front wing for their 2019 car and have since commented that "The accuracy of these parts was vital to ensure the proper fit of all components, and we were more than satisfied with the final products. These parts have enabled us to achieve our goals this year of a lighter, stiffer, and more durable wing". We loved working with SUFST and were very happy to support their 2019 build. We look forward to seeing it in action!

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