3Defined are a 3D printing company and a proud part of the Brooks & Davies Group. The Brooks & Davies Group aims to do good in all its ventures, through;

  • Excellent, quality products that afford you time to do something more productive and enjoyable with your life.

  • Outstanding customer service - because we believe this shouldn't be an exception to the rule.

  • Looking after the environment - nothing we do should have an overall negative impact on people or planet.

We want to help you realise your idea - big or small, simple or complex we can help you take the next step.

Plant Based

PLA is made from eco-friendly, organic materials such as sugar cane and maize. Because it is made from these renewable raw materials which absorb carbon dioxide during growth, it has been considered to have a net benefit on greenhouse gas emissions!

Meet The Team

Nothing we do should have an overall negative impact on people or planet


Gareth Davies

Gareth is an experienced mechanical engineer with a passion for developing new ideas and solutions that have a positive impact on people and environment.

Tom Brooks

Tom Brooks

Tom is a qualified engineer with experience in composites and a passion for inventing and finding ways to protect the environment.